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POLARIZED lenses, why is everyone talking about them???


The summer is quickly approaching and many of you are in the market for sunware. The new buzz word in sunglasses is Polarized. We all know glare is annoying, and in some cases (for example, when driving directly into low sun) dangerous, but did you know it also compromises your ability to see clearly?

Polarized lenses are the only way to reduce glare from surfaces, such as water, snow, a roads, signs, windows, or reflections off shiny surfaces. Everyone will benefit, but for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as sailing, fishing or skiing they really are a must. Regular sunglasses merely dim the amount of light getting to your eyes, doing nothing to address the main reason why people seek sunglasses in the first place….blocking the glare.

When light hits a flat reflective surface glare is produced. Glare is filtered out by polarized lenses. Polarized lenses in sunglasses are fixed at an angle so that only vertical light (usable light) is able to enter, and the horizontal light (glare) given off by reflective surfaces such as glass, is blocked – thus making polarized sunglasses the only 100% glare proof protection.

Justin Bazan, Optometrist and owner of Park Slope Eye, says, “regardless of brand, polarized lenses do the best job of blocking all of that irritating glare. And for the first time, this summer we have witnessed the merging of fashion and function. All of the major designers like Gucci, Prada, Tag Heuer, Rayban, Persol, Maui Jim, Oakley, are making styles with great polarized lenses, often with a few colors to chose from. ”

“It’s amazing how much of a huge difference in the quality and the comfort of vision you get with a polarized lens,” adds Dr. Bazan. “By eliminating glare, there is noticeably less eyestrain, squinting and general discomfort, even in fierce sunlight. But more than this, the world through polarized lenses becomes infinitely sharper and more vibrant, with greater depth of clarity. Compare polarized lenses to any other sunglasses and there really is no contest. Come by and see for yourself!”


One Response to “POLARIZED lenses, why is everyone talking about them???”

  1. Polarized sunglasses are defiantly the way to on sunglasses on lenses but also you might want to think of a pair of sunglass with a wide peripheral just to keep all the sun out completely. In my option the best in polarized has always been Oakley but mainly because of all the sports I have played and what I needed them for and they wrap comfortably around your head. The only hard part is I have kind of a square head so not all Oakley’s fit but the styles that do fit me are pretty sweet anyways.

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