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Clear Vision Changes Lives

Teachers Believe Clear Vision as Important as Nutrition to Academic Success
A new survey reveals 93% of teachers believe poor vision impacts a student’s academic performance and 74% of those surveyed have personally observed children falling behind in school due to vision problems. The survey involved 509 kindergarten through 12th grade teachers and was conducted by Russel Research on behalf of Give the Gift of Sight foundation. The teachers surveyed estimated that two in five of their students suffer from vision problems, more than one-third of which they say have not been treated. Other findings include:

• 82% of teachers believe poor vision hinders academic motivation
• 70% believe poor vision negatively affects self-confidence
• 64% believe it affects a child’s ability to enjoy sports and games
• 40% believe poor vision affects a student’s ability to develop social skills.
The teachers surveyed also believe eye care should be provided for underprivileged children, with 88% saying that exams should be offered free of charge for students who can’t afford them, 87% believe these children should receive free vision screenings and 80% think they should receive free prescription eyeglasses. For more information, visit http://www.givethegiftofsight.org.


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