Justin Bazan, OD Park Slope Eye
(- I Care -) Your Eyes Advocate

Daily Disposable Contacts

I am a proactive doctor. I would rather prevent problems than treat them, just as I hope you would as well. Your current contact lens regime may be good so far, however we will determine if it truly is the best for your long term ocular health. In most cases daily disposable contacts are the ultimate in providing you with the highest chance of maintaining healthy and comfortable eyes. If a daily disposable lens is an option for you, you will be well educated about them and given a free trial of them. I am a firm believer that daily disposable contacts are the most successful way to preservhealthycontact-eye.jpge your ocular health. Here is what makes sense to me.

Contacts by design are porous. They are designed to act like a sponge, allowing them to hold water so they stay comfortable. This design also helps vital elements of our tears, such as oxygen, to pass through. Unfortunately, this design also makes them the perfect place for harmful bacteria to grow and for irritating debris to deposit.

No matter how well you may think you get them clean, there is no substitute for a new contact. There is nothing in this world that will be as good as new after it has been used. Why do people think contacts are the exception? If you were only allowed to take a bath and not allowed to use a washcloth (or perform an equivalent scrub), how clean would you be at the end of a few weeks? Contacts are no exception. There will always be some potentially irritating deposits and harmful bacteria left in and on the lens, no matter how thorough your cleaning routine is. What even makes things worse is that many of you barely, if at all, thoroughly rub and rinse the lens before storing it in solution (hopefully not reused solution either). Factor in a dirty old unsanitary case and you have a great formula for unhealthy, if not uncomfortable eyes.

pciday1.jpgIt’s easy to give your eyes the best chance of remaining healthy and comfortable, switch to a daily disposable. Please don’t be that patient who refuses to change, still uses a standard plastic lens that they wear and keep till it starts to bother them, sleeps in on occasion if not frequently, and just kind of put them into a dirty case in some generic solution overnight. That is the formula for a disaster. These are you eyes, you have only two. Please take some time to think about that next time you’re paying your $100 a month cable bill, buying a $200 handbag or feeding your $4 dollar a day Starbucks habit. The cost of wearing a basic daily disposable; about a buck a day. The cost of preserving your eyes; Priceless. Gain some perspective, you will be rewarded. I would like you to think of your contacts as disposable, not your eyes. Both myself and your eyes thank you in advance.



One Response to “Daily Disposable Contacts”

  1. Thanks Dr. Bazan. I might actually go out and give them a look. If anything I will tell my friends and family about them.

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