Justin Bazan, OD Park Slope Eye
(- I Care -) Your Eyes Advocate

Good Enough Contacts!

So you really feel those old out dated contacts are good enough? Yearly contacts are so great right? Really love those Acuvue 2? Why not? You have been in them for years, maybe even decades, with no problems, the comfort is decent and for sure the price is right. Your eyes are fine and you don’t want to try a new, probably more expensive, kind of lens. Not too concerned about those contacts causing eye problems? I can assure you that the most problematic contacts are the standard plastic contacts that are worn for a period of weeks to months.  That is just basic logic.  The longer you keep a lens, the higher the probability of it to cause a problem.  csi-daily-wear-visitint-contact-lenses.jpgacuvue-2-contact-lenses-lg.jpg I’d rather prevent problems then treat them. And trust me, you’d rather have them prevented than treated. Your family doctor wouldn’t prescribe the same blood pressure medicine year after year if he knew there was a newer, safer, more effective drug for you. I also subscribe to that basic Hippocratic philosophy.  Don’t forget I am caring enough to give you a great education on how to use contacts in a safe, healthy and comfortable way. Did I also mention that there is no fee involved to try it? Yes I provide you with a FREE trial of the new contacts!

I can assure you that if you are in my chair, the priority I have for you is a contact that gives you the best chance of keeping your eyes healthy, comfortable and your vision clear. I can assure you its not an standard plastic lens that you wear and keep till it starts to bother you, sleep in on occasion if not frequently, and just kind of put it into a dirty case in some generic solution overnight. dirty-contact-lens-case.jpgWe are talking less than a buck a day difference in cost! Why not choose health, comfort, convenience, and clarity over cost? I want you to feel compelled to allow yourself to select the best, not cheapest lens for you. More informationcvs.jpg about daily disposable contacts can be found here. Some compromises will be necessary, I view each patient as a unique case. You can rest assured that my interests, lie with your best interests.


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