Justin Bazan, OD Park Slope Eye
(- I Care -) Your Eyes Advocate

How to Clean Your Glasses

Step 1. Make sure the lenses are free of debris. If the lenses have more than fingerprints on them, rinse them under water to remove the debris that could potentially scratch your lenses while you clean them.

Step 2. Spray with an approved Lens Cleaner. Stop by for a free cleaner anytime!


Step 3. Wipe the lenses with an approved and clean non-abrasive microfiber cleaning cloth. If the cloth is dirty, put it in the washing machine. A dirty cloth will scratch your lenses. Stop by for a free cleaning cloth anytime!



  • Keep glasses in a case when not in use. Be sure that they are kept in a safe place, away from clumsy hands that might knock them to the ground.


  • Avoid using your shirt or your tie to clean your lenses.  Most clothing fabrics contain abrasive fibers that will scratch or smear the lenses.
  • Do not use paper towels, tissues, napkins, dish rags, etc. Only a clean microfiber cloth will keep your lenses scratch free.
  • Don’t wash your glasses by hot water. Because some lenses or frames may be made up by plastics, plastics can’t stand high temperatures.
  • Avoid swirl scratches by making sure not to use circular finger motions to clean your glasses, a straight side-to-side motion works a lot better.

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