Justin Bazan, OD Park Slope Eye
(- I Care -) Your Eyes Advocate

Why don’t you take my insurance?

Your insurance provider may be an entity who your doctor is refusing to partner with. If so, the insurance company might be doing a poor job of allowing the patients (the insurance company’s CUSTOMERS) to get the care that they deserve. As an eye doctor, I care way too much about you and your eyes for my level of care to be compromised by an organization that may not have your best interests at heart. However, in order for you to get the care you deserve, I will try to maximize your out of network reimbursement by giving you an itemized list of services provided and fill out any claim forms you may need. Don’t worry, I have helped many people in your situation get not only exceptional eye care but also successfully collect reimbursement. It would be my pleasure to help you out.

Insurances plans are also rejected from the business standpoint of the practice. A plan may reimburse the doctor so little for his services, it can affect the way he practices. Have you ever see a jam packed office where the doctor is just way to busy? Often times being busy is not a badge of success, it is an indicator that he may not be selective of which insurance plans he accepts. It may also mean that you don’t get the highest level of exceptional care you deserve!


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