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Halloween Contacts!!!!!

villagestreetwear_1902_272558279.gifHalloween is just around the corner and many of you are out shopping for the perfect costume. Many of you are also considering going all out, with extreme hair and make up, intricate outfits, and even special effect contact lenses. Non-Prescription Halloween Contacts are still considered medical devices and should be treated as such. Take care of your precious eyes and use the proper channels for obtaing your special effect contacts. Your eye care provider would be happy to assist you in creating your perfect Halloween costume by fitting you with the perfect special effect contact lenses. Those of you who may already have special effects contacts have been OK’d by your eye care provider right? Please make sure they are the appropriate for your own unique eyes! Having a poorly fit contact can cause not only discomfort but could lead to potentially serimp15mm.jpgious vision threatening condition.

Ok, moving on. If you are going to utilize an approved pair of special effects contacts please keep the following in mind. If the contacts are fresh and brand new right out of the pack/vial great. If they have been sitting around for more than a few days (like last Halloween!) it is imperative that they be inspected, cleaned and disinfected the night before you plan to wear them. Remember the old contact lens adage for wearing contacts; while wearing contacts, your eyes should always Look Good, Feel Good and See Good! If one of those requirements is off, discontinue wear and if necessary seek out an eye care provider. You want your eyes to look scary from the contact, not because of it.

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