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Who cares about EyeCare?

Survey Shows Few Americans Taking Care of Their Eyesight
According to the American Optometric Association’s 2007 American Eye-Q survey, almost half of respondents indicated eyesight as the sense they most worry about losing, yet admitted to knowingly engaging in behaviors that could be harmful to their eyes and vision, including poor contact-lens hygiene and avoiding eye exams.
The survey also showed that Americans have misconceptions about eye-related health. According to the survey results, habits that can be most harmful to eyes are not widely understood. Sixty-nine percent of respondents correctly cited smoking cigarettes and 61 percent correctly noted that eye-rubbing can be harmful. But only 54 percent cited drinking alcohol, and 27 percent cited drinking caffeine — both considered potentially detrimental to eye health by the AOA.
Contact lens safety and hygiene proved another area of concern. Among survey respondents who wear contact lenses, 79 percent admitted to practicing poor contact lens hygiene on a regular basis, including showering, swimming and sleeping in contacts not approved for overnight wear, as well as wearing contacts longer than the suggested timeframe. Only 32 percent said they change their contact lens case every one to three months as recommended by the AOA; and 17 percent admitted they never change their lens case at all.
Even though Americans need to see an eye specialist to get prescriptions for new lenses or glasses, thirty-two percent of Americans who wear contact lenses or glasses said they have not visited an eye doctor within the past year. Survey respondents who don’t use any corrective lenses also do not visit an eye doctor or eye specialist as often as they should; 35 percent admitted they have not visited an eye specialist for five years or longer. Another 11 percent of non-users said they get an eye exam only every three or four years. And 22 percent of non-users said they have never had their eyes checked by an eye doctor or eye care specialist.

Ok, so not that many of you receive regularly scheduled eyecare. WHY?  How often do you think you should come for a checkup?  What do you think some of the reasons for a check up are? Here is what you can accomplish at your yearly visit.   You can make sure that those headaches your are getting are from your kids and not from the ten hours of staring at a computer.  You can find out how to make your eyes look whiter and feel less tired.  You can make sure the next time your driving at night, you don’t panic because you can’t read the street signs or become blinded by glare.  You can get a free sample of the latest and greatest contacts that will keep your eyes healthier, more comfortable and seeing clearer.  You can change your style up with a new pair of glasses.  You can finally find some relief from dry and or itchy eyes.  You can get piece of mind that your eyes are healthy and that there are no potential problems….early detection is the key right?!?!


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