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Have You Had Your Eyes Checked Lately?

Have You Had Your Eyes Checked Lately?
By Walter Taylor

Do you believe you are healthy? In many cases, most of us think that we are doing ok with our health. I used to always be the one that said I had perfect health and I still do say this, especially when it comes to my vision. My family can all quote me in saying “I thank God for perfect vision”. Well, you know what? My perfect vision was not so perfect after all. I visited the eye doctor a few days ago and to my surprise, my eyes were not the laser beams that I thought they were. In fact, I was cautioned that I am a glaucoma suspect.

I was shocked! I evaluated the situation and realized that I had not been to an eye doctor in over 5 years, that I can remember. I am writing this article to anyone that may read it to encourage you to get your eyes checked at least yearly. Thank God, I did not continue to wait on that checkup, thinking that I had this perfect vision. Could you imagine losing your sight due to laziness and not getting my vision checked.

Many reading this article have not had an eye exam in years. This article was written for you. Would you rather lose your vision or your hearing? None of the above, of course should be the answer. What do you have to lose in not having your vision checked? If you do not care about losing your eye sight, then I am not talking to you. I am looking to reach those out there who are afraid of doctors, dentists, opticians and anyone who has the title dr. If that is you, then let us reason together and make a wise decision to have your eye examination as soon as possible.

I consider myself a healthy person, but still due to neglect I could have lost my vision if the examination was not completed. Make time for your health. Make the time for your own good. You will not regret getting an annual physical either. God gave us a body to manage and be a good steward over. Do not take your vision for granted. Do you enjoy seeing the greenery in Spring? Do you enjoy the beautiful colors that God made? Of course you do and so do I. You only have two eyes-make good use of them and get them checked regularly. I pray that you make wise choices with your body. Go on and make that appointment today for you and your family.

To your health and mine. I wish you all the best as you pursue better health.


One Response to “Have You Had Your Eyes Checked Lately?”

  1. In 7+ years of practice as an optometrist I have had at least 3 cases that I can think of off the top of my head where the patient came in for an exam having not had one in over 10 years, and I had to tell them they were blind from endstage glaucoma. All 3 thought they had blurry vision and put off coming in b/c they didn’t want to be told they needed glasses. And I had to be the one to tell them they were BLIND from a totally treatable disease. It is absolutely no fun at all.

    I have obviously had many more who came in with blurry vision and just needed glasses…but who’s to know if you’re fine or not w/o an eye exam? The answer is: no one. Glaucoma can be completely SYMPTOMLESS until it is way, way too late. By the time these 3 patients had symptoms of blur, all were 80+% blind.

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