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What Contact Lens Solution Should I use?

What Contact Lens Solution Should I use?

A few years ago, choosing a contact lens solutions was pretty much a non issue. Contacts were basically composed of plastic and water and the CL solutions were similarly formulated regardless of manufacturer. Most people would get the cheapest product on the shelf and do ok with it.

This is not true today. Certain contact lenses need to be used with certain solutions. Not all solutions are compatible with every type of contact. Using a contact lens with a non compatible solution can damage your eye, and unfortunately this damage may occur with out you feeling or seeing anything until a serious issue develops. Your eye doctor should prescribed the best CL solution for your particular contacts.

Generics solutions pose a problem for several issues. One is that its hard to know what exactly is in the bottle. Without knowing what really is in that bottle leaves it impossible to determine if it is the best to use with you particular type of contact. Furthermore, generic brands are know to use older, less beneficial formulations, and to switch the ingredients of the solutions frequently. Using a generic, makes it almost impossible to guarantee that your are utilizing the best solution for your particular contacts.

The buck you save on a generic is far outweighed by the piece of mind of allowing yourself to get the best contact lens solution your doctor prescribed specifically for you. Your eye doctor cares enough about you to make sure your eyes stay as healthy as possible. Stick to what he prescribes. If he forgot to prescribe a solution, call him and ask him. It really does matter!

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