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Park Slope Eye Press Release

July 8, 2008

For Immediate Release
Tom Martin
Tom Martin Media, LLC

With an Eye on What’s Best in Eye Care for Children (and the Rest of Us) New Optometric Practice Opens in Park Slope Brooklyn

Mary McRae & Dr. Justin Bazan Envision a New Approach to Optical Care & Selection for Kids and Adults, as “Park Slope Eye” Opens on July 12

As anyone who has worn glasses (or even contact lenses) for a number of years knows quite well, eye care is a extraordinarily unique field. It’s the place where medical precision and accuracy meets the desire for style and personal expression.  In this extremely sensitive area of care, optical shops continue to multiply like so many Starbucks or McDonald’s outlets, and the majority of them have come to seem more like deli counters where patients are treated like numbers rather than unique human beings in need of attentive care and medical expertise.

When Dr. Justin Bazan and Mary McRae open Park Slope Eye on Saturday, July 12 it will be a culmination of their dream to create a place where each patient finally has an opportunity to receive the eye care he or she really deserves – care and understanding that is reflected in every facet of the experience, from listening to their concerns and questions to helping them select eyewear that perfectly reflects their personality.  This grew out of their shared concern that true customer service seems to have taken a backseat in the optical field these days.

The Partners’ Vision for Park Slope Eye

The partners in Park Slope Eye also see that one of the most important areas of eye care is also one that is most frequently neglected by the large chain optical retailers – children’s eye care. It is estimated that ten percent of all preschoolers in the U.S., and 25 of all children in kindergarten through sixth grade, have vision deficiencies according to the American Public Health Association.  These vision problems can easily be detected by a proper eye exam by an experienced eye doctor.  Dr. Bazan believes that every child deserves to find out if their eyes are healthy and that their vision is normal.

Based on her 12 years of experience in the optical field, Mary McRae has also discovered some great ways of getting young children involved in their own eye care.  Making them feel part of the process is crucial when it comes to making certain that they actually wear their glasses.  Mary is passionate about supporting and guiding clients through the often confusing process of selecting the perfect frame for their new glasses.  She sees her work as an opportunity for artistic expression, all with the goal in mind of supporting the medical science that serves that patient.

Dr. Justin Bazan and Mary McRae both enjoy educating parents about the children’s eye care, and they can tell your viewers/listeners/readers

  • How to tell if young children (even infants) may need vision correction
  • How to tell when a “learning disorder” or behavior problem is really a problem with uncorrected vision
  • How to get your child involved in the process of caring for their eyes, and why participation is important

When Park Slope Eye opens on July 12, it will represent not just a much-needed alternative to Park Slope residents of Brooklyn – but also to Manhattan residents, as they are just a short subway ride away.  The owners of Park Slope Eye are looking forward to demonstrating their commitment to the neighborhood — where they both live.  This is reflected in their hours of operation — not just by offering morning, evening and weekend hours to accommodate their patients’ varying schedules.  (In fact, every Sunday will be “Kids Only Day!” — dedicated to serving the many families in Park Slope and nearby Manhattan.)  This commitment is also reflected in their desire to make Park Slope Eye a small “oasis” in Park Slope by offering healthy snacks, juice, coffee and tea to those who visit the location.  They will also feature work by local artists and musicians.

What Patients & Customers Have Said

“Dr. Bazan is a terrific doctor of optometry.  He is a personable, patient, caring and instinctive individual.”
–       BK

“Mary McRae is simply the best!  Her experience, genuine care, creativity and passion for her work makes her the one and only choice for me.”
–       N

Biographical Information

Dr. Justin Bazan, OD is a board certified graduate of the prestigious SUNY State College of Optometry in New York City and is a graduate of Trinity College in San Antonio, Texas.  He is a member of numerous professional associations including the American Optometric Association, the New York State Optometric Association, the Proactive Optometric Physicians, the Optometric Nutrition Society, the Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society, and Vision Source.   Dr. Bazan frequently attends optometric gatherings and conferences, and is committed to continuing and ongoing education in his field.  Dr. Bazan donates his services through an American Optometric Association program called infantsee, which offers free eye exams for infants 6 months to one year of age.  He also donates his expertise to children in need, by offering one free exam to one child per week who is unable to find affordable eye care.  Through college, Dr. Bazan was involved in a mentoring program for elementary school children and he volunteered at a local children’s shelter on a weekly basis.

Mary McRae has been recognized as an ABO-certified Optician, and is a graduate of the University of Washington.  She has worked in family practice optometry, for an opthamology office and for a large national chain.  Most recently, Mary ran a very successful store for a national chain – receiving “Store of the Year” recognition for two years, for more than tripling the patient base since the time she began managing the store.  Mary has recently been featured in an online news articles by cnn.com and lifetime.com.

Contact Information
Park Slope Eye – 682 Union Street – Brooklyn, NY 11215 – 212-863-9939

To learn more about Park Slope Eye visit www.ParkSlopeEye.com

For media inquiries, contact:  Tom Martin  203-297-2137  TomBMartin@aol.com www.tommartinmedia.com


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